How's Agile Intelligence Keeps Everything Coming Up Roses

The need to feed the planet goes beyond increasing the total number of calories available to 10 billion people.

We need food security.

Food security calls for:

  • Higher nutritional value
  • More affordable products
  • Safety in sourcing and the supply chain
  • Broader availability in ‘food deserts’
  • More diversity and sustainability in sourcing

Food security begins with smart agriculture.

We know Smart Ag begins with the people that have dedicated their lives to agriculture, cultivars, geo-hydrology, husbandry, and more. Their expertise has been institutionalized into precision Ag for large scale, mechanized commodity crop production. These operations have been enabled by tractor- and equipment-based telematics, satellite-enabled micro-climate weather models, GIS-hosted cultivation maps, and many other innovations.

We believe the future of smart agriculture will include IoT-based solutions applied to a broader range of agriculture operations.

IoT-enabled smart Ag offers the potential to bring precision Ag to new segments of the Ag industry, under-performing and under-represented regional markets, and a new generation of farmers, ranchers, growers, and producers. IoT-enabled precision Ag can enhance the yield, profitability, and sustainability of urban farming, hydroponics, aquaculture, and other emerging forms of food production.

These enhancements are enabled by an entirely new classes of soil monitoring, smart irrigation, and micro-climate modeling; incorporation of a wide range of new data inputs; and the integration of traditional and new food processing and distribution as well as conservation and resource management networks – both physical and digital. supports the development and deployment of IoT-enabled Smart Ag with a complex event processing engine that can ingest, understand, and exploit these expanding sources of data – from soil monitor XML feeds to drone shape files and all manner of inputs in between. also secures all that data – from the sensor through its transmission across wired and wireless networks and into user-defined clouds. With new data privacy and ownership rules emerging, in part through the AFBA, its partners, and the most innovative Ag tech suppliers, the opportunities to create value with Ag intelligence – as well as the requirements to secure it – are only going to multiply. understands the opportunities in and requirements of smart Ag and has developed an approach that enables every stakeholder in the food security value cycle to access more accurate intelligence and to make better operational decisions; thereby enabling higher levels of both food security and profitably.