Share Object Overview

A Share allows you to grant limited access of your namespace to other users. Unlike Tokens:

  • The recipient of a Share must be another registered user of
  • A wide range of actions are available. Users can create Flows, Tracks, Tasks or Drops within your namespace

A typical use case of Shares might be used to allow members of a team to collaborate in building a single application.

It is unlikely a Share would be issued to a device, since each device would require their own account. A Token would be more appropriate.

Shares can be sandboxed for security purposes:

  • A Share can be restricted to particular Paths. E.g. /account_id/homesecurityapp
  • Shares may be revoked at any time
  • Shares may have a duration, after which they expire and cannot be used

A Share must be given to a recipient. This can either be a single Identity, or a Group of identities.

      "id": "s548b20f1d4c63c0634ad3bc9",
      "issuedTo" : "i548b1c1bd4c607c7716e4ac2",
      "paths": {
            "/alice/homesecurity" : {
                "read" : true,
                "write": true,
                "dropRead": true,
                "dropWrite": true
            "/alice/ideas" : {
                "read" : true,
                "write": false,
                "dropRead" : true,
                "dropWrite": false

NOTE: Paths permissions are recursive. In the example above, the recipient would have access to any paths below the ones specified.

Share Object Members


A map of Paths to their Permissions. In this way, each Path can have a unique Permission set.

Working with Shares