Group Object Overview

A Group is a collection of users, to whom you might want to grant Share permissions. While Shares can indeed be granted on a user-by-user basis, the purpose of a Group is to make administration more convenient when working with large numbers of users.

  "id": "g5489f22ed4c66f8dfcbe2794",
  "displayName": "Research Team",
  "description": "Members of Project Team Y working on the new release",
  "memberIds": [

Identities can then be assigned to or removed from the group at any time. When changes are made to the Group, member's permissions are updated automatically.

The Group ID can be used when to assign Share permissions to the Goup.

Group Object Members


A list of Identity IDs corresponding to the members of the Group.


A descriptive name for the Group


Further information used to describe the Group

Working with Groups